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Technology Consulting



Specializing in Commercial Telecommunication services Including Cloud Sevices along with Voice & Data Connectivity, Multi-Locations and Data storage






Data Connectivity


We represent multiple providers to offer Cable / Coax internet, DSL, Fiber, Copper Etehrnet MPLS, Fiber Coonectivity along with Wireless WISPs. 

QSR Communications


Are you a franchise owner looking to reduce your telco expenses?  we can help with line sharing, no more busy signals, detail reports, off prem call centers, reduce providers and finger pointng.



If you are school system working on E-Rate, or Medical Practice wanting to make sure your communications are within compliance we can help.



If you are looking to add aditional lines, price shop existing services, or ready to upgrade to a PRI or SIP we can help.  We can offer traditional telco services along with full blown Hosted VoIP to replace your outdated phone system

Project Management


Allow our experts to take ownership of your next telco project.  From start to finish, miminze down time, and maximize resources.

Data Storage


We have partnered with Tier 1 Data centers to provide storage and Virtualization throught the U.S. along with various countires.

Cloud Based Communications


Internet based voice and data 

communications where telecommunications applications, switching and storage are hosted by a third-party outside of the organization. Providing cost saving and maximizing features and updates.

Multi - Locations


If you are looking to connect locations for data or to share phone services accross 2 or 2000 locations we can help.


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Emerging Technical Communications LLC  Principals have been working with Business Owners and Telecom Vendors  since The Telecom Act Of 1996 regarding Telecom Solutions.   Experienced in Local Dial Tone, Long Distance, Internet, Web hosting, VPN, VoIP , MPLS , SDN, and Cloud Based services.   We can bring a wide array of expertise to our customers. through our strategic relationships being a third party extension of you company.


We are a Technology Consulting Company offering services Nationwide to Businesses of all sizes.  


By obtaining Strategic Telecom Industry relationships, we have been able to help our Customers along with our Partners to offer the Best of Class services when it comes to Telecom. We currently have available to our customers over 36 various Local, Long Distance, Internet, fiber and data providers Nationwide through our strategic relationships.


Headquartered in Central Ohio we have customer across the entire  U.S. and different countries , some being a single location small business, a Quick Serve Restaurant Franchise with 100's of locations and Major Corporations with World wide locations.  No customer is too small or too big.


We have over 100 years of Combined Telecom Experience. Many of our backgrounds come from the CLEC Industry, Original Bell Operating Companies, and Interconnect Companies. With our focus on business class services we have been able to put together an all encompassing product portfolio to meet our customers needs and demands in an industry that is changing daily.



Our Team


Emerging Tech Comm


Mailing Address: PO Box 1176 , Newark, OHio 43058


Tel: 614-340-8259    Fax: 877-788-1704



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Our Team

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